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Foster the Family Support Group

Foster the Family Support Groups offer guided, topically themed meetings with a strong emphasis on discussion and mutual support. Support groups are for foster, kinship, and pre and post-adoptive moms.
Days: Meets the 1st Tuesday of each month.
Location: 13150 First Street SE, Suite 109, Becker, MN

7:30 pm

What We’re All About:

They’re called support groups for a reason. The primary goal of FTF Support Groups is to provide a context for foster parents to find relationship and community with other foster parents. Our hope is that foster parents who attend FTFSG find a space where they are able to share their own burdens and help carry another’s, learn from listening to others’ experiences, find comfort in hearing that their struggles are similar to others’, feel seen by people walking through the same joys and trials of foster parenting, and are welcomed into a caring community of foster parents. The FTFSG model is less about education or “checking the box” of earning training hours. The focus of our groups is mutual support.

Each meeting begins with “check ins.” The group will delve deeper into a topic later, but we begin our meetings with the opportunity for each foster parent to quickly share any updates– new placements, goodbyes, changes in their child’s case, etc. This allows leaders and groups members to get a pulse on what members of the group are walking through and allow for follow up. It also provides group members the opportunity to identify other parents walking through similar experiences to connect with after the meeting.

While the support group should not feel not like a training, we do want attendees to learn something. Each FTFSG begins with a short, 10-15 minute video from an expert in an area relevant to foster parenting. This provides a brief introduction to a topic relevant to foster parenting. While we hope the videos are helpful to our members, they are meant to provide guidance for the group discussion, rather than provide comprehensive training on a topic. The video serves as a launch pad for the real learning to happen through discussion and connections.

Discussions are at the heart of our meetings. The majority of the meeting is spent in guided discussion groups. The safe context of a support group allows parents to vulnerably share, so that they can form relationships and learn from each other.

The real magic happens when the support that begins in the context of the group expands past the confines of the meeting. This happens in two main ways. One is through natural relationships that are sparked amongst members. Organic friendships will begin that carry over mutual support through the rest of the month! The other is through support and care that is facilitated by us at the Compassion Connection.

We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30PM at the Compassion Connection. No childcare.

Topics remaining this year to include:

March: Childhood Trauma

April: Self-Care

May: Felt Safety

June: Birth Parent Interview

July: Welcoming Environment




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