Special Gifts

Bring a smile to foster kids and teens with these special gifts!

Create an Encourage Basket

Foster parents often feel tired and alone. Most families foster for less than a year, citing burnout and lack of support as the reason they stop. You can help provide encouragement for foster families needing a boost. Create a basket or package with items such as inspirational quotes to hang, family craft projects, gift cards, and tickets to local events. You can drop the basket off at TCC.

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Create a School Backpack

Help foster children and teens start the school year off right with brand new backpacks and new school supplies. These supplies are essential so they can be successful in school. We also need packed backpacks all year long. Children and youth usually enter foster care with no personal belongings and have nothing for school. Below is a list of supplies needed inside each backpack.

Printable School Supplies List

Create a Journey Bag

A child can enter foster care at any time of the day or night. Imagine how alone and scared they feel! They typically have nothing with them except the clothes on their back. We create Journey Bags to ease their transition, comfort them, and provide basic necessities in the critical first hours as they enter a foster or group home. Below is a list of ideas of what to include in a journey bag.

Printable Journey Bag List

Become a Secret Santa

Help bring joy to foster children and teens this Christmas by playing Secret Santa! We have an Amazon wishlist with ideas from kids’ wishlists that you can purchase and have sent directly to TCC. We also have created a special WOW list for teens. Many foster teens have similar wishes this Christmas as any other teen around. Help give them a special WOW gift this year.

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Donate Baby Shower Gifts

There are youth who become pregnant while in the foster care system. Very often the girls desire to parent their babies but lack the ability to easily access the basic items to care for their child. We have the great opportunity to come alongside these young girls, and sometimes their boyfriends, to encourage and support them as they become parents. This starts with baby showers where we provide all of the items they would need for their new baby. Simply by providing practical resources to these young mothers and empowering them to properly care for their new babies, we are helping to end the cycle that sends more children into the foster care system.

Printable Baby Shower List

Adopt a Graduate

Graduating from high school, trade school, or college is a HUGE milestone for youth in foster care. Would you help us honor and encourage these youth with a graduation basket? Ideas to include in the basket are:Candy, Fun Snacks, Insulated Water Bottle, Journal and Pens, Target Card, Starbucks or Pizza Card, Encouraging Note, Towel & Washcloth, Blanket, etc.




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